Fantastic day!

It was fantastic day yesterday! :D

Starting the day with this nice blue sky. ;)




I visited the one of my favorite places for making video by Euphonium and practice little bit on Trombone there in the morning. :)




I love this stream as well.

Sound from there is very nice!! ;)




It was hot, but nice to play without mute!! :D

Making video went well. ;)



After making video on Euphonium, I had Trombone practice. :)

Playing without mute helps me for adjusting my control. ;)




My living city "Hirakata" was the most hot place in Kansai area yesterday...




I had very enjoyable and delicious Yakiniku(Japanese BBQ) dinner with my family and also I enjoyed bath. :)

I really enjoyed all-day!! :D



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Happy day!

It was nice start of the day with working at the farm. :D

Nice sky views in the early morning. :)




Tomatoes are getting bigger! :D



I put net for corns for avoiding attacks from birds. ;)

I hope it works well.



Summer vegetables are also getting bigger! :D



We took some onions. ;)




My practice went well. :)

I enjoyed working for this series on Trombone. ;)




On Euphonium, I really enjoyed working for one of my favorite Euphonium Concertov which is "Euphonium Concerto No.1" by J.Golland!! :D

I have a lot of nice memories on this. ;)




I had very nice time all the day.

It was very happy day!! :D



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Open-air recording

It was very nice all the day yesterday. :)




I decided to visit good place which I found few days ago for making some video recordings.

That place is very nice to feel nature and for being relaxed. :D ;)



I made some videos like this. :)



It was not easy, but I enjoyed doing that! ;)



It was not enough time, so I didn't make Euphonium video, but it was OK because I made Trombone videos(these are for my orchestra things). ;)

I have other Euphonium plan with my sister and brother, so I hope I can make Euphonium video in few days. :)



I enjoyed my practice with this series by Defaye. :)

It's nice!! ;)



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Being ready for Summer

I spent nice time with my family at home yesterday.

My sons were day off, so we had big MEN lunch together(My wife Ai had lunch with her friends). ;)



I did a lot of works at home such as cleaning for air-conditioning etc. :)

I feel very good now!

I think we are ready for Summer. ;)




I was not hungry in the evening, so we enjoyed very fresh potatoes which Ai took from her friend's farm yesterday. :D

Fresh potatoes with butter was very nice!! ;)




My practice in hot room is going OK except a lot of sweating. :D

I started to work for this series on Trombone. ;)

I'm enjoying it!



I worked for this on Euphonium.

I once worked for this little bit just after I bought it, but I didn't remember this is a kind of hard one. :D

But it's an enjoyable piece! :)



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Day off

It was clouded most of the day yesterday.




I visited to our farm in the early morning and took care of them a little. ;)



There is very thin asparagus!! :D



This is ABE's farm. :D

It looks cool doesn't it? ;)




I didn't get good positive motivation yesterday, so I set my day off yesterday. :D


I watched movie which I've downloaded since few weeks and massaged myself, just stay comfortable! :)

It was very nice to refresh myself!!


I think I can work hard with nice motivation from today! :D ;)


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Sweaty day

I woke up earlier than wake up alarm yesterday morning. :)

I feel I'm the one of "old man" when I woke up early. :D


It was a kind of hot day from the morning.

It was already 20 degrees at 6:00 am!! :D




I visited our farm and worked about an hour there. :)



Everything seems fine! :D



Tomatoes! ;)



New faces to our farm. :)

They are good.



I took some onions! :D




My practice is always going well!!

I'm very happy and comfortable with that.

...But I don't like sweaty practice. :(


I worked for many things both on Trombone and Euphonium. :)

There are some of them.




I think it was my first time to work seriously for Hartley's piece.

This is not new piece at all, but there is full of Euphonium's ability.

It's always nice to meet something new for me. :D ;)


Sweaty practice period unfortunately started. :)



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Enjoyed very nice Saturday

It was very nice day yesterday like a part of summer vacation to me. ;)


It was very good start of the day with nice blue sky in early morning and worked at our farm with my wife Ai. :D



Tomatoes are getting bigger everyday!! ;)



Corns are getting to be ready to make themselves nicer. :)



New faces to our farm are used to be a member of our family! ;)



Very thin asparagus(right in the picture). :D




It was very fine all the day! :D

I went to drive to the mountain in the afternoon. ;)

It was nice to feel nature! :D




My practice went very well. :)

I really enjoyed them. ;)





I had very nice Saturday. :D




I found this at the supermarket. :)

I like IPA beer! :D



And then, some European tasting. ;)



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What a nice feeling to progress!

It was very fine day yesterday! :D

It was a very good start of the day with this blue sky. ;)




I'm really enjoying my practice these days.

There is full of energy, curiosity and excitement. :)


I basically work for basis, etudes and solo works everyday.

I'm sure that I've gotten a lot of progress since this restriction by COVID-19 period.


I love working hard for myself and there are more interesting things after going beyond current level. :D

I had good working time with this on Trombone. ;)



And with this on Euphonium! :)




It's very nice to get new repertoires for solo works. :)

I'll be ready with many pieces at anytime!!


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Had nice farmer works and practice

It was great day yesterday!! :D


I visited our farm in the early morning. :)

It was already bright at 6:00 am. :D





Corns seem fine! :)



Tomatoes and other Summer vegetables are getting bigger nicely. :D




I'm enjoying my practice very much everyday. :D

I worked for this on Trombone.

It seems I worked for this before, but I couldn't remember that... ;)



I worked for this on Euphonium. :)

This is a kind of fun piece! :D




I visited our farm in the late afternoon again, and plant new things. :)

View on our way home was very nice! ;)



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Enjoyed hard practicing

It was also very nice day with sunshine and cool breeze. :)

I felt very comfortable. :D




I really enjoyed my practice. :)



I worked for this on Euphonium after many years no see.

This is really nice piece and it's big fun! :D




I worked for this in the evening.

This is dangerous!



When I was working for this, time flies very fast!!

I forgot to take breaks and drink water, and I realized my lips are almost dead at the end of my practice. :D ;)


It's deep fun for work this amazing suite. :)


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