New umbrella

It was rain all the day yesterday. :)


I was excited to use my new umbrella! :D

This is my new one!



This is called "Upside down Umbrella".

It opens opposite way.



Did you realize it works like this, why??


In this way, wet side goes to inside when you close it.

So we are not disturbed by wet (closed)umbrella in the train or in the car anymore. :)


I'm happy with this. :)

I hope my life in rain day will be better! ;)


It stands by itself!! :D




My practice went well as always! :)

I really enjoyed working for some etude books and Cello suite by J.S.Bach. :D



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Working for solo works is done

It was very nice day yesterday! :D

I enjoyed nice blue sky before long rain day(it rains from this morning). :)




I took a lot of solo works from my music library few weeks ago and I've been working for them.

I'm really enjoying working for them!

It made my days very interesting and fun. :D ;)


I finish them yesterday with these concertos for Alto Trombone. :)



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Enjoying practice in humid room

I'm enjoying my practice in hot and humid room. :D

I took pictures before and after practice yesterday.


This is 'Before"



And this is "After".



Temperature is OK, but humidity increased very much during my practice. :(

But it's not so bad practicing with a lot of sweat(especially in the situation that I can take shower when I want!). ;)



There was very short, but very strong rain in the afternoon.

This is the view of after hard rain. :)




I worked for this several days and I finally say "Done" yesterday. :)



It's not ready for the concert right now, but I worked for it and it's a kind of "I got it". ;)

"Sequenza V" by L.Berio is the one of special piece for Trombone players I think.

I've never worked for it until this year, but I finally knew about this piece as a performer. :)


I worked for this on Euphonium. :)



This is "Cello Sonata No.1" by Mendelssohn.

It suits to the Euphonium I believe.


It was very nice that I found some points that I felt much easier than before!

I'm more free to perform this piece as a musician(hopefully as an artist!) now.

Practice brings "fun"!! :D ;)


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New items

I visited our farm with my wife Ai in the early morning yesterday.

I love to see this kind of nature view too. ;)



Cucumbers and corns seem OK. ;)



We enjoyed breakfast very much after working in the farm about an hour.

Then, we had big and deep nap about 3 hours. :D



First, I renew some items around me these few days.

First, I bought new slippers.

It refreshes my mind everyday! :)


Second, my toothbrush was broken, so I renew it(I use an electric toothbrush for years).

My new one is very quiet and delicate. :D

I love it! :)


And third one, new watch!

My old one's band was broken, so I decided to buy new one(not only band, but watch).



I'm used to using smart watch which connected to my phone and I could gauge my blood pressure etc.

I'm very happy with my new watch! :D ;)


New items around myself refresh my mind and my life nicely. :)



I really enjoyed my dessert "corn" from our farm! :D

It's really delicious!!!



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No rain in rainy period

It was expected rain by weather forecast yesterday, but it was totally no rain all the day...

It was very hot and humid. :(




My practice went very well.

I enjoyed my works very much! ;)




It was very hot and it was not comfortable day for me... But it was full day! ;)



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Enjoying my life in bad humidity

I visited our farm at 5:00am with my wife Ai yesterday. :)

It was clouded from the morning, but it was very humid... :(



We worked in the farm about an hour.

It's nice idea working in the farm in the early morning(before sunshine gets strong). :)



I enjoyed nice Chinese lunch with Ai. :D

It was delicious!!




My practice went well as always! :)

I enjoyed working for these. ;)



This is the piece for Euphonium and Piano written by Christian Lindberg.

I don't know how many Euphonium players know about this, but it's nice to work for it! ;)



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Enjoying nice things

I visited our farm in the early morning yesterday too. :)

It was very nice to see sunrise view. ;)



On my way back home from our farm. :)




It was hot day but I really enjoyed my practice very much. :)

This is the beginning of my practice.

28.4 degrees and 63% of humidity.



And this is after morning practice.

29.4 degrees and 74% of humidity. :D




I practiced in the evening too. :)

I worked for this piece on Trombone. ;)



I enjoyed working for this.

It's nice to work for some contemporary pieces sometimes. ;)



And I worked for this on Euphonium. :)




I made haircuts for my sons in the evening. :)

They look better now! :D




I had very enjoyable "Happy Time" with my wife Ai with something nice from France! :D ;)



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Enjoyed my practice!

I visited our farm in the early morning yesterday too.

I really enjoyed seeing nice natrure view. :) ;)

I love this kind of nature views. :D





Everything seems OK. ;)




It was very hot and humid day, but I had really good practice both on Trombone and Euphonium with good concentration. :)

I worked for these pieces too. :D




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We are back!

I visited our farm in the early morning yesterday. :)

It was not very fine, but it got better later. ;)



Everything seems OK. ;)



He(she?) wants to go back to the ground?? :D



Tomatoes look fine here, but it was not tasty at all... :(

I guess I failed for tomatoes and eggplants this time...




I finished making(editing) video of ABE Trio who performed J.Heykens's Serenade finally yesterday!

ABE Trio means Euphonium Trio with my sister Alisa and my brother Yujiro and me. :)

We were used to perform together sometimes about 25 years ago.


And now, we are back!!!

There is only Japanese in the video, but of course you can enjoy our performance! ;)

For watching video, click here. :)



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Happy day

It was very nice day yesterday! :D

I love to start the day with nice blue sky. ;)




I tasted very delicious homemade cheese cake! ;)

My wife Ai made it! :D



I also enjoyed tasting homemade blueberry jam made by Ai's friend.

It's great combination!! ;)




I gave one Trombone lesson in the afternoon at the ESA music academy.

It was very enjoyable time! :)


After that, I made video recording for the fun project by Trombone Ensemble "Slide Japan" which is performing "76 Trombones" together with a lot of Japanese Trombone friends around the world!! :D




It was very happy day!! :)



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