Wonderful weekend

After concerts in far places, there was opera rehearsal on Thursday.

It was so hard to work on many thing at same time, but I survived them! :)




When I got home after rehearsal, my wife Ai made very delicius chocolate cake!! :D

Everyone love this!! ;)




I made haircut for my sons after dinner.

It's always nice to share good time with my loves. ;)



It was very nice sunset view. :D




On Friday, there was Euphonium lesson in the morning at the ESA music academy. :)

We worked for basis together by using etude book. ;)




After teaching, I got home quickly and departed to Matsuyama(my home city) for spending good time in weekend. :)

It was rain from noon, but it was getting better during I was driving to Matsuyama from Osaka(it takes about 5-6 hours). ;)




My wife Ai and I arrived Matsuyama little bit earlier than we expected, so we visited spa before having dinner with my friends.

It was awesome!!! :D


We walked to dinner with very happy and comfortable feeling. ;)



It was fantastic dinner with my friends from Matsuyama and Osaka!! :D ;)

We enjoyed eating, drinking and talking very much!!



Afrer dinner, we headed to another place for more beer. ;)



We visited my friend Klaus's bar. :)

It was very nice to meet my music friend there by accident! :D

We shared very happy and fun time!! ;)




On Saturday, we gave workshop at the junior high school in the morning in Matsuyama. :)

There is one Trumpet player who is daughter of my old friend!!

It's nice to getting old. ;)



My friend brought very delicious bread for us. :)

It's delicious as always.

Thank you Mr. Aochi!! :D




After teaching, I joined Ai's family a while and departed to next destination "Awaji-shima".

Before leave Matsuyama, we had very enjoyalbe lunch! ;)




We had very fun time with our friend Aya in Awaji-shima!! :)

It was our first time visiting there. ;)

We really enjoyed our dinner. :D




It was raining next day(yesterday).

But it was nice to visit beach and smell from the sea. :) ;)




It was very smooth driving to home from Awaji-shima.

I had very nice practice on Trombone in the evening after having nap. :)




We really enjoyed very sweet onions from Awaji-shima and oranges from Matsuyama! :D ;)





I'm very happy to spend wonderful time in Matsuyama and Awaji-shima last weekend.

I work hard for coming orchestra works! :)


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Concert in Akashi

It was very nice day yesterday. :D




I've been occupied by rehearsals and concerts these days.

There was concert in Akashi city(Hyogo) yesterday. :) ;)



It's nice to visit somewhere far, but not in busy period please. :D


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Enjoyed nice day

It was very nice day in Gobo city in Wakayama yesterday. :)

I had very nice morning feeling! ;)





Concert was with full program and there was joint performance with young musicians in the wind band in the end of concert. :)




I enjoyed seeing nice sky views after concert. :D





On my way home, I also enjoyed seeing night view of Wakayama city. ;)



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Rehearsal, then headed to Gobo(Wakayama)

It was very nice day yesterday! :D




There was orchestra rehearsal for concerts of today and tomorrow. :)

I was occupied by these buddies. :D ;)




I headed to Gobo city(Wakayama) for today's concert after rehearsal.

It was very windy in Gobo.




I arrived to Gobo earlier than I expected, so I enjyoed my practice in the hotel room. :)



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Competition jury and new hobby

I had relaxed time at home on Saturday.

It was not really fine day, but it became better later. :)




I enjoyed my Trombone practice little bit. :)




I headed to Fukui late afternoon for being jury member of Ensemble competition on Sunday.

I stayed nice hotel and the room has this "Feet Massager"!!



I enjoyed this massaging machine very much! :D ;)



It was very hard and long day on Sunday.

I listened many nice performances from 9:00 to 17:00!!



With jury members. ;)




After competition was done, I took train as early as possible and got home.

My wife Ai's and my new hobby would start soon!!


Our new toy "Violin" had arrived home, so I builded it!

This is a Violin kit which is about 100 USD. :) ;)



This is our Stradivarius. :D



I'm very looking forward to starting our new hobby!! ;)


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Enjoying my music life!

I'm enjoying my music life everyday! :D


I enjoyed my practice and concert both yesterday. ;)

I practiced on Trombone and little bit on Euphonium in the morning.

I felt very good!! :D





And concert with Shostakovich's Symphony No.10 went very well.

I really enjoyed performing that with nice chef. :) ;)



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Crazy week

Since last weekend, I've been having crazy days everyday.

It's hard, but I feel happy to be with music. :D ;)



There was orchestra concert in Tsuruga(Fukui) on Sunday.




After concert, I headed to Tokyo direct.

It was far more than I imagined before, but it was nice by seeing nice sly views. :D ;)





Next day on Monday, I performed with my old friend Yumi in Tokyo. :D

It was very very nice to see her and talk, perform together! ;)




After performing, I immediately headed to Osaka for next day's orchestra rehearsal.


My family came to Kyoto station for picking me up, so we had dinner before got home together. :D

It was very important and necessary to have good time with my family. :)




I backed to my usual life with my orchestra next day.

Orchestra rehearsal for Symphony No.10 by D.Shostakovich started! :)




My own practice is going well. :)





It was very cold yesterday, but weather was nice!! :D





There is no rest day yet, but I'll perform with good concentration tonight!! :)


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Great memories from Tokyo week Part 2

Great momeries from Tokyo week, Part 2.

I wrote about great time in Tokyo from Monday to Thusday on my last post as Part 1.



This is from Friday. ;)


On Friday, I had BIG lunch and I went to teach for private lessons on Euphonium in the afternoon. :)




I had really enjoyable time with two students from Tokyo. :)

Thank you for good time!





In the evening, I met Kyohei(Ando) and we had very good and fun time together by talking and playing together. :)

It was fantastic time!! :D



After playing together with Kyohei.

It was very nice to meet him!!




We visited my favorite bar which my friend Taka owns after playing hard!

It was also great time!!! :D ;)




Next day on Saturday was concert day with Dvorak's Symphony No.9.

I enjoyed performing with great Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. :)




We practiced together after concert!! :D

It was long day! ;)



There is French Horn clock!! :)




After practice, OF COURSE!! we went to eat!!! :D ;)

It's always fun to share happy time with good friends!




There was last concert on Sunday.

All three concerts were full house!!

I felt very good. :)




On Sunday too, we get together and practiced after concert.

I really enjoyed my music days!!! :D


It was Italian dinner on Sunday evening. ;)




Thank you for great time my friends!!! :D

I and my wife Ai had really nice time in Tokyo. :) ;)



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Great memories from Tokyo week Part 1

I had great time in Tokyo for a week 2 weeks ago. :)

There are so many good things, so I tell you about that. ;)



I drove to Tokyo alone this time on Monday.

It takes about 6 to 7 hours.

I safely drove to Tokyo with some rests. :)



It was great day!! :D




When I go to Tokyo, I stay at my brotehr's house.

There are music room in his house, so I practiced on both Trombone and Euphonium without mute!! ;)



Euphonium practice was after dinner(with some beer).

My face was red?? :D




The main reason I went to Tokyo then, was for performing 3 concerts in the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. :)

There was rehearsal day on Tuesday(for 3 concerts = 2 programs).


It was very nice to perform such a nice orchestra!! :D

I really enjoyed performing in there and I was very happy to make music with great musicians! ;)




Dinner of that day was Yakiniku(Japanese BBQ) with my brother!

We enjoyed it very much!!! :D



What a happy time!! :D



They had Sushi as well! ;)




It was concert day on wednesday.

Program was "Pictures at an exhibition".


I performed both Trombone and Euphonium!!!

It was first experience for me.

I really enjoyed it!!! :D


I needed big space for my instruments. ;)



It was great time for me! :D



I had very good Udon before concert! :)




My wife Ai came to Tokyo for listening the concert. :D

And some of my friends from Tokyo also came to listen concert!

It was very nice to meet them just before concert!! :D



Concert went well!

I was so happy with great section members.


Pictured with section members after concert. :)

Thank you for giving great opportunity!!




I met my Euphonium friend Hiromi after concert.

We didn't meet each other for years, but we enjoyed our conversation very much! :D




We had big dinner after concert.

It was really fun time!! :D

Thank you for coming my friends! ;)




My Euphonium friend Hiromi brought us home made scones.

It was very delicious!!(the best scones what I ever ate!!)




Next day on Thursday, we enjoyed nice Soba lunch! :)







After having nice lunch, we practiced together with big smiles. :D

We'll perform together at the concert which is on March 22nd.




After practiced hard, we enjoyed fantastic dinner!!! :D

Everything was great!! ;)








Very serious for eating! :D



We had great day!! :)




It continues as Part 2. ;)


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To Tsuruga(Fukui)

I spent peaceful time in the morning yesterday. :)


I prepared my bagage and headed to Tsuruga(Fukui) in the afternoon for today's orchestra concert.

It was very nice day with nice blue sky! :D


Sky views from train window.






After arriving Tsuruga, I had good practice in the hotel room. :)

Good practice for me means with good concentration and not too much. ;)



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