Practicing hard

I had very good practicing day yesterday! :D


I really enjoyed practicing very hard with good rests.

I think I had very positive and creative practice. :)


I'm working on some solo works which I didn't work well before.

There are more solo pieces that I just saw little bit for choosing selecting piece(s) for solo competitions.

It's time to work for those pieces now. ;)



Of course, I'm enjoying basis works and etudes stuffs as well. :)



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Happy music day!

I had happy music day yesterday. :)



I enjoyed my Trombone practice in the morning. :)

I felt very good! :D




It was great to share fun and interesting Euphonium time with my Euphonium friend Kyohei(Ando) in the late afternoon. :) ;)

We worked together more than 2 hours, but I felt it was like 40 mins or so.



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Practice and listen the concert

I enjoyed my practice from the morning yesterday. :)

I felt very good!! ;)




I went to listen solo recital by my Trombone friend Kojiro in Osaka city in the afternoon.



It was very nice to see and listen him. :D

It was really great!!

I enjoyed it very much and I got many new feelings by his performance. ;)



It was very good to practice in the evening with positive feeling. :)




Listening concerts is very good for getting new ideas and knowing other possibilities.

I'm very exciting to my future! ;)


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Play well and listen well

It was cold, but fine day yesterday. :)




I went to make some video recordings in the morning. :)

I did more than half of them, but there are still enough numbers. ;)




I went to listen the concert of ESA music academy wind orchestra in the evening.

It's nice to listen the efforts of students. :)



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2 new items arrived

2 new items arrived my home few days ago. :)


One is Violin cese!!

I bought violin for my and my wife's hobby, but we didn't hae its case, so my friend from my Orchestra gave us nice case!! :D


New case and old case. :D



This is old case(case??). ;)



And this is our new case!!

Very nice! ;)

I feel I'm real Violin player! :D




I went to practice Violin!

I'm serious. :)



It's fun to practice! :D



How is my looking??



This is my new hobby! :D




Another one is new Trombone from ADAMS!!! :D

They sent this to me for asking my feedback.



Nice case! ;)




I played it and I'm very surprised by its nice sound. :D

It's very nice!


I was not so interested in other Trombones because I'm very satisfied with my Yamaha Trombone now.

But this Trombone is nice!

I keep playing it for weeks and I'll see how I feel on it. :) ;)




In the evening, there was general rehearsal of opera performance.




Yesterday morning, I shared very good time with my Euphonium friend Kyohei(Ando).

We worked hard togetehr for basis and talked for many things.

I really enjoyed happy working time. :D ;)



And in the late afternoon, there was another general rehearsal for operas. 



I'm living busy days, but it's very enjoyable!! :D ;)


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Enjoying my music life!

I'm enjoying my music life everyday! :D


I enjoyed my practice and concert both yesterday. ;)

I practiced on Trombone and little bit on Euphonium in the morning.

I felt very good!! :D





And concert with Shostakovich's Symphony No.10 went very well.

I really enjoyed performing that with nice chef. :) ;)



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2 concerts day

There are 2 concerts yesterday(same program). :)

It was only Piano Concerto No.1 by F.Liszt for Trombone players. ;)



Program was not hard for Trobmone players, but it was long day(mostly waiting, but...).

There is A.Bruckner(Symphony No.3) this week! ;)


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Enjoying making music

There was orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon at the Biwako Hall(Shiga) yesterday.

It was for today's concert.

Yes, it's a silvester concert which starts at 22:00 December 31st and it would be finished at 0:20 January 1st 2020. :) ;)



Program is not very interesting for Trombone, but I'm enjoying making music with good chef. ;)


Happy holidays everyone!! :D


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Hard days

I'm surviving hard days. :)


There was orchestra rehearsal in new building 2 days ago.

It was very fine day! :D




New building in the east Osaka.

It's nice to visit new buildings. ;)




Rehearsal went well. :)




And there were 2 rehearsals yesterday.

It's hard doing 2 rehearsals, but I enjoyed performing in the big concert hall. :)


First rehearsal yesterday was with some singers for opera songs. ;)



And second rehearsal was for Symphony No.9 by Beethoven. :)




My hard days continue until the new year(January 1st), so I take care of myself and enjoy every moment! :)


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Enjoyed full day

It was full activity day from the morning to the evening yesterday. :)


It's always nice to start the day with nice view. ;)




There were 2 concerts for children in the morning and the afternoon. :)




After happy dinner with my family, I had hard practice on Euphonium. :)

I enjoyed it! ;)



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