Enjoyed my practice

I enjoyed my practice day yesterday. :)


I had well-concentrated practice both on Trombone and Euphonium! :D

I'm enjoying working for this series and it's reaching to the end.

It's fun!! ;)



I worked for Euphonium Concerto No.2 by J.Golland.

I bought this piece more than 20 years ago, but it was my first time to work for this whole concerto yesterday.. :)


This is the one of hard pieces, but I enjoyed it!! :D ;)



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Open-air recording

It was very nice all the day yesterday. :)




I decided to visit good place which I found few days ago for making some video recordings.

That place is very nice to feel nature and for being relaxed. :D ;)



I made some videos like this. :)



It was not easy, but I enjoyed doing that! ;)



It was not enough time, so I didn't make Euphonium video, but it was OK because I made Trombone videos(these are for my orchestra things). ;)

I have other Euphonium plan with my sister and brother, so I hope I can make Euphonium video in few days. :)



I enjoyed my practice with this series by Defaye. :)

It's nice!! ;)



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Really enjoyed my practice

It was very nice day with sunshine and breeze yesterday. :D

I felt very good all the day. ;)




I really enjoyed my well-concentrated practice both on Trombone and Euphonium. :D

I was happy to work for basis with enough time and good concentration.



It's very nice to work for basis very carefully everyday.

I believe it makes my future music life. :)



Big one I worked for on Trombone was this.

I found my writing little bit on its music, so it was not my first time to work for it, but I worked for it seriously yesterday. ;)

It's a nice piece. :)



Big one from yesterday on Euphonium was this!

It's a kind of hard one, but fun to work!! :D



I keep working hard and happily!! :D


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Happy with my hard practice

It was hot, but very nice day yesterday! :D




I enjoyed my practice very much both on Trombone and Euphonium! :D

I worked for this solo piece on Trombone.



I've never work for this deeply(seriously) since I bought this piece, but it was very interesting and I really enjoyed this! ;)

I realized that I like this kind of music too because I worked for this without any motivated events like concerts or competitions in future. ;)




I worked for this Concerto on Euphonium. :)

This is also one of tough piece.


I'm happy because I found some points that I felt easier than before. :D




It was great to close the day with this nice view. ;)



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Enjoyed my practice

I really enjoyed my practice yesterday!

It was humid, so I practiced with a lot of sweat.



I worked for basis very carefully as always and some etudes. :)

It's always interesting!! ;)




I also worked for basis carefully on Euphonium. :)

And I worked for one of my favorite piece!! ;)



I started my music life with Euphonium by listening this on Euphonium. :D

I fell in love with music and Euphonium by this piece. ;)


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Practice day!

I really enjoyed my hard practicing day yesterday! :D


I worked for basis with very good concentration for starting the practice day.

And then, worked for these.

Working for different things is good! ;)




After big break, I worked on Euphonium.

I also worked for basis very carefully and then, worked for this. :)

I really enjoyed practicing!! :D



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Practice day

It was practice day yesterday. :)


I spent longer time for basis on Trombone and worked for that very carefully.

I felt very good. :)



And then, I worked for this concerto. ;)

I didn't remember this concerto, but I like its 8/8 places! :D




I worked for these on Euphonium in the evening. :)

I remember when I was working hard on this "Partita by A.Butterworth" about 23 years ago...



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Hard practicing day

It was one of my favorite day yesterday. :D

I really enjoyed very well concentrated and hard practice. ;)



I started with Trombone and worked for basis in the morning.

Then, I switched to the Euphonium and worked also for basis(mostly for fingers stuff).


And then, I worked on this etude. :)

I was feeling very good!!



I worked for some solos(contemporary). :)




It's really nice to remember that time when I was young and I was working hard with many new things!! :D ;)


I worked on this solo on Trombone in the evening. :)

It's also good stuff. ;)



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Practicing hard

I had very good practicing day yesterday! :D


I really enjoyed practicing very hard with good rests.

I think I had very positive and creative practice. :)


I'm working on some solo works which I didn't work well before.

There are more solo pieces that I just saw little bit for choosing selecting piece(s) for solo competitions.

It's time to work for those pieces now. ;)



Of course, I'm enjoying basis works and etudes stuffs as well. :)



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Happy music day!

I had happy music day yesterday. :)



I enjoyed my Trombone practice in the morning. :)

I felt very good! :D




It was great to share fun and interesting Euphonium time with my Euphonium friend Kyohei(Ando) in the late afternoon. :) ;)

We worked together more than 2 hours, but I felt it was like 40 mins or so.



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