New items

I visited our farm with my wife Ai in the early morning yesterday.

I love to see this kind of nature view too. ;)



Cucumbers and corns seem OK. ;)



We enjoyed breakfast very much after working in the farm about an hour.

Then, we had big and deep nap about 3 hours. :D



First, I renew some items around me these few days.

First, I bought new slippers.

It refreshes my mind everyday! :)


Second, my toothbrush was broken, so I renew it(I use an electric toothbrush for years).

My new one is very quiet and delicate. :D

I love it! :)


And third one, new watch!

My old one's band was broken, so I decided to buy new one(not only band, but watch).



I'm used to using smart watch which connected to my phone and I could gauge my blood pressure etc.

I'm very happy with my new watch! :D ;)


New items around myself refresh my mind and my life nicely. :)



I really enjoyed my dessert "corn" from our farm! :D

It's really delicious!!!



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Day off

It was clouded most of the day yesterday.




I visited to our farm in the early morning and took care of them a little. ;)



There is very thin asparagus!! :D



This is ABE's farm. :D

It looks cool doesn't it? ;)




I didn't get good positive motivation yesterday, so I set my day off yesterday. :D


I watched movie which I've downloaded since few weeks and massaged myself, just stay comfortable! :)

It was very nice to refresh myself!!


I think I can work hard with nice motivation from today! :D ;)


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Very nice day

It was very nice day yesterday!!

I realy love to see nice blue sky. ;)




I visited our farm in the (early) morning.

Everything is growing very well!! :D



Strawberries are getting bigger and they are turing to red! ;)





I need to take care of strawberries against birds now.

Birds are so smart, they take strawberries or corns just when it got sweet! 



I enjoyed my Trombone practice, but no picture from yesterday... :(



It was great to close the day with this nice sky view. :D



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43th birthday

It was my birthday yesterday. :)

I spent very relaxed time with my family. ;)


We all enjoyed an "American" lunch together!

It was really fun!! :D




After dinner, we played cards.

We didn't play it long time, but we really enjoyed!

We were very exciting. :D


Playing "Concentration" is easy way to feel getting old. :D ;)



My older son Asahi presented these. :)

He is so sweet! ;)




Closing the day with nice sunset view. :)

What a nice life. ;)



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Worked on computer

It was very nice day yesterday, but I worked at home on my computer.




I worked for changing the setting of my web shop where I sell my arrangements and CDs.

It's now available for people who is not living in Japan.


If you are interested in that, please visit my official web site "".

From there, you can jump to my web shop. ;)


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Physical examination is done!

It was my physical examination day yesterday.

That is not my favorite day, but I did it!! :D


What I don't like from physical examination is the barium test.

This is so hard for me...


After all test is done, I was with nice coffee by seeing this nice view with very happy feeling! :D




I bought big bread for my boys.

With my wonderful family with big bread! :D ;)

Be safe, and be healthy.

Keep smiling!! :)




Yesterday's sunset view was not so beautiful, but not bad at all. ;) 



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Go to the sea

I visited Wakayama(Tanabe) to see the sea with my family yesterday. :)

It was very nice to visit the sea(beach) for relaxing myself. ;)



It was not very fine day, but we could feel little bit sunshine. ;)



It was very calm and relaxed day! :D


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Enjoyed happy day!

It was very nice start of the new year yesterday. :D

Enjoying seeing blue sky is my life point. ;)



We make the year 2020 fantastic!! :D ;)




My sons love my brother Yujiro very much. :)

They wait for his awake and they visited him just after his awake. :D ;)




We visited our favorite park togetehr and had fun time playing some sports. :)



We had really fun time together!! :D




After enjoyed fun time at the park, we made a lot of gyoza and had very nice meals at home. :) ;)




I hope there are many nice opportunities, meetings and fun time sharings the year 2020!! :D ;)



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Enjoyed Kobe and our farm

I had very happy and relaxed day yesterday. :)


I enjoyed very peaceful time in Kobe city in the morning.

It was fantastic day!! :D




I enjoyed my first experience with Kobe beef for lunch!






I was very exciting!! :D



It was delicious. :)

It's nice to have good experience sometimes. ;)



After backed home from Kobe, my wife Ai and I worked in our farm for next vegetables.

It seems everything grows very fine!! :D




We mainly worked for preparation for next vegetables "Onions". ;)

We plant them maybe next week??



It was very happy and nice holiday!! :)


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Fantastic Trip Part-3

My fantastic trip, Day 3.

We left Tokyo and headed to Shizuoka. :)


We visited Numazu(Shizuoka) for seeing the Mt. Fuji. :)

It was very nice day! :D



Unfortunately we couldn't see Mt. Fuji well, but I enjoyed  being there. :)





Shizuoka is famous for Wasabi. :)

I didn't buy wasabi this time, but maybe next time!! ;)



We visited fish market in Numazu.

We could see inside of fish market. :)



And enjoyed wonderful lunch there. :)





It was awesome!!! :D ;)



After that, we moved to Fukuroi city.

There, we enjoyed nice dinner with my wife Ai's old friend. :)




It was great time!! :)



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