Physical examination is done!

It was my physical examination day yesterday.

That is not my favorite day, but I did it!! :D


What I don't like from physical examination is the barium test.

This is so hard for me...


After all test is done, I was with nice coffee by seeing this nice view with very happy feeling! :D




I bought big bread for my boys.

With my wonderful family with big bread! :D ;)

Be safe, and be healthy.

Keep smiling!! :)




Yesterday's sunset view was not so beautiful, but not bad at all. ;) 



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Go to the sea

I visited Wakayama(Tanabe) to see the sea with my family yesterday. :)

It was very nice to visit the sea(beach) for relaxing myself. ;)



It was not very fine day, but we could feel little bit sunshine. ;)



It was very calm and relaxed day! :D


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Enjoyed happy day!

It was very nice start of the new year yesterday. :D

Enjoying seeing blue sky is my life point. ;)



We make the year 2020 fantastic!! :D ;)




My sons love my brother Yujiro very much. :)

They wait for his awake and they visited him just after his awake. :D ;)




We visited our favorite park togetehr and had fun time playing some sports. :)



We had really fun time together!! :D




After enjoyed fun time at the park, we made a lot of gyoza and had very nice meals at home. :) ;)




I hope there are many nice opportunities, meetings and fun time sharings the year 2020!! :D ;)



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Enjoyed Kobe and our farm

I had very happy and relaxed day yesterday. :)


I enjoyed very peaceful time in Kobe city in the morning.

It was fantastic day!! :D




I enjoyed my first experience with Kobe beef for lunch!






I was very exciting!! :D



It was delicious. :)

It's nice to have good experience sometimes. ;)



After backed home from Kobe, my wife Ai and I worked in our farm for next vegetables.

It seems everything grows very fine!! :D




We mainly worked for preparation for next vegetables "Onions". ;)

We plant them maybe next week??



It was very happy and nice holiday!! :)


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Fantastic Trip Part-3

My fantastic trip, Day 3.

We left Tokyo and headed to Shizuoka. :)


We visited Numazu(Shizuoka) for seeing the Mt. Fuji. :)

It was very nice day! :D



Unfortunately we couldn't see Mt. Fuji well, but I enjoyed  being there. :)





Shizuoka is famous for Wasabi. :)

I didn't buy wasabi this time, but maybe next time!! ;)



We visited fish market in Numazu.

We could see inside of fish market. :)



And enjoyed wonderful lunch there. :)





It was awesome!!! :D ;)



After that, we moved to Fukuroi city.

There, we enjoyed nice dinner with my wife Ai's old friend. :)




It was great time!! :)



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Happy day!

It was good day yesterday. :)

It's in rain perod in Japan now, but there was no rain and not so humid. :)




I was occupied with paper works in the morning, but I had relaxed time in the afternoon.


It was my son's birthday. :D

So we had happy and fun dinner with my family. ;)


Time flies so fast.

He is 16 years old now! :D

Happy birthday Hiiro! ;)



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Fantastic family vacation in NZ

I visited my mother to Auckland, New Zealand with my family!! :D


It was first time to go to outside of Japan for my wife Ai and my children. :)

They were little bit worried about their first trip to New Zealand, but everything went very well and we really enjoyed our fantastic 2 days there! :D



At Kansai International Airport for our departure.

It seems little tired because only 3 hours sleep... ;)



In the airplane.

We enjoyed food in the airplane! :)



At Hong Kong Airport for transfer.




Arrived to Auckland, New Zealand!! ;)



We were all fine!! :D



My mother and my step father Geoff welcomed us at the airport.

Our fantastic 2 days started here!! :D




My boys really enjoyed everything such as food, drink and atomosphere in Auckland!! :D

Hiiro with his favorite food, pizza!!



Asahi took Hamburger! ;)



We all enjoyed food, drink and talk!!! :D



I like this way for noticing "Breathing Area" instead of "No Smoking" only. :)






Ai with her favorite drink BEER!!! :D ;)




Dinner at home.

We had very relaxed and happy time together. :)




Day 2.

We visited very nice beach and park in the morning.

That was awesome!!! :D





I felt Summer with very comfortable air. :D





Asahi enjoyed being with nature. :D




It was very comfortable!!



My parents and sons in the movie "Stand By Me" style. ;)



Family picture. :D




After enjoying being in wonderful nature, we had really nice lunch with nice beer!! :)



Asahi took Pizza this time. :)



And Hiiro took hamburger. ;)



It was very nice!! :)




In the afternoon, we walked little bit in the small city.



Ai and Geoff were looking for nice beer for dinner very seriously. ;)




In front of my mother's house.

I like this house(but we can't see by this picture...).



We also visited small ferry port.

It was also very nice place!


I enjoyed swing seat which from big wood.

It was fun!! :D



It was little windy. ;)




Dinner at home with great meals by grand chef Geoff! :)

Bravo chef!!




It was awesome time we spent in Auckland.

We enjoyed every moment!! :)


Thank you my mom and Geoff. :)

We love you~!!



After long airplane trip, we all arrived Osaka safe. :)




We charged very good positive energy by this trip.

We continue making nice life together! ;)


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Enjoyed very happy time!!

I had fantastic time in our favorite park with my wonderful family yesterday. :)

It was very nice day!! ;)



My sons were playing football. :)



But we all played football, baseball and badminton together.

It was fun!! :D




These are our family pictures 2019. ;)




We make happy days the year 2019 and keep smiling!! :D


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Happy free day

I enjoyed very relaxed free day last Sunday.

I visited my favorite park with my wife Ai. :D


I love this Autumn view. ;)











We felt very happy!! :D ;)





I got very good energy!!

I keep working hard! ;)


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My happy time

I'm surviving very hard day everyday, but I also enjoyed my happy time!!


I enjoyed very happy walking time with my love Ai. :)

This is our favorite park!! :D








This kind of happy time makes me relaxed and recharged. :)



With my lovely sons after haircutting. ;)



My hard days continue until the end of December.

I really appreciate my family for giving good energy everyday. ;) :D


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