Happy to perform in the concerts

It was concert day yesterday.

There were 2 times concerts a day.


It's always hard doing concert 2 times a day, but I really enjoyed performing my favorite "Symphony No.3" by C.Saint-Seans. :) ;)



We are doing concerts under special COVID-19 situation now, and it would continue like this more weeks or months...

But I really appreciate audience to come in this situation and their ovation.

I keep working hard for making our performances better and better! :)



I had very nice lunch yesterday. :)

I found nice and happy Autumn things in it. ;)



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Enjoying music life

I'm having enjoyable days. :)

It was clouded, but I found blue sky after clouded time.

It made me happy! ;)




I feel happy to perform one of my favorite symphonies, "Symphony No.3 by Saint-Saens". :D ;)




There was quartet rehearsal for the concert which will be October 16th. :)

It's very happy time working with wonderful members!! :D



We enjoyed happy meal after rehearsal. :) ;)



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Enjoyed performing in the concert

I stayed hotel near the concert hall 2 day ago because there was rehearsal in the evening 2 days ago and there was general rehearsal in the morning yesterday.


I just brought white shirt for concert and forgot to bring usual shirt which I wanted to wear yesterday before and after concert.

It was not big problem because I could wear white shirt from the morning, but I don't feel fine with that after concert, so I washed my polo shirt in the evening in the hotel room in the evening.


I was not quite sure, but it was dried in the morning!! :D

This made me feel good! ;)




Concert yesterday was with Opera singers and Ballet dansers, so there were Opera, Ballet and Orchestra all together.

It was very gorgeous!

I enjoyed performing Bolero as well. ;)




After concert, I prepared for today's quartet rehearsal in the evening. :)

It was hard, but I did it because I don't want to practice(play) much before rehearsal today.

It would be tough time today!! :D



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Enjoying lovely days

I'm enjoying nice Autumn days everyday! :D

It was very nice day yesterday! ;)



I visited our farm for giving water in the morning. :)

They look fine!! :D



I love this kind of Autumn view from Japan. :)




I had good practice before go to the orchestra rehearsal. :)




Orchestra rehearsal in the orchestra pit. :)

It was interesting! ;)



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Enjoying nice Autumn days

It was very nice and comfortable day yesterday! :D

I love this season very much! :)



I visited our farm for giving water in the morning.

There was only one seedling 2 days ago, but there are more seedlings yesterday!! :D ;)





There was orchestra rehearsal in the evening, so I had my practice on Trombone in the morning. :)

I felt quite good! ;)




Orchestra rehearsal went OK.

There are performances of sing(opera) and dance(ballet) as well. :)

It would be fun! ;)



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Happy day

It was very nice "Autumn" day yesterday! :D

I was very happy all the day because I love to be in this kind of Autumn air! ;)



I enjoyed walking to our farm with my wife Ai in the morning for giving water for them. :)

Everything seemed well. ;)



We found the first seeding! :D



This is one of my favorite Japanese typical view from Autumn. :) ;)




We really enjoyed Korean BBQ at home for lunch with my family. :D

It's not often that we all together to have meals because of we all are busy with own works, but it's always very happy thing!!


We enjoyed until ice cream dessert. ;)




I practiced on Trombone in the evening.

I felt very good and it was happy practice time! :D




My orchestra works (re)begin from today.

It's going to be busy days from today to the end of the year.


I will take care of myself and keep being in good shape! ;)


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Worked very hard in the farm

I worked in our farm with my wife Ai yesterday morning.

There was big work now in our farm, so it was the day to do that.


We visited there at 5:10 and started to work!

This is the view before we started to work.

It was still dark then. ;)



It took 3 hours, but we made it!! :D



This is the view after our works. :)

It looks better, doesn't it?



We bought big tub for keeping water(and rain).

There was not enough water in it, so I filled it up. ;)

This makes easy for giving water. :)



After had big breakfast, we really enjoyed nice nap!!

It was really hard work!!



I enjoyed my Trombone practice in the evening. :)

It was not long, but I did with very good concentration. ;)




It was clouded all the day yesterday, but I found bright sky in the end of afternoon. ;)



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Recommend making recordings

I recorded some new etude videos in the morning yesterday. :)

It's always tough time to record something in front of microphone, but I believe that it's very good training for concentration and performing well in any situations.


I recommend to make recordings(even it's only for listening by yourself) of your practices, rehearsals or/and perfomances.

It works well for making your performances and concentration better. :) ;)



There are just few numbers left from this etude now!

I hope I need only one more time for making video recordings! ;)

I'll continue to work for them! :)



I would be occupied by orchestra works from next week, so I work hard for other things this week!! :D



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Peaceful day

It was very fine day yesterday.

It's still enough hot as Summer at noon(more than 30 degrees), but I enjoyed nice Autumn air in the morning and the evening. :D




I bought 2 cases of Kiwi fruits yesterday.

This was for getting its cute characters. :)



They are called "Kiwi Brothers". ;)

My wife Ai loves them!! :D

(and I love them too and Kiwi fruits!!)




There was Euphonium lesson at the ESA music academy in the afternoon.

It was like a private lesson, so we worked for her weak point. And then, we enjoyed playing some duo pieces as a sight reading training! :D

It was fun!! :) ;)




I enjoyed my Trombone practice with good concentration after little break in the evening. :)

I worked for etudes for my next video recording. ;)




It was peaceful day. :)



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Concert day

There was concert in the afternoon yesterday, so I needed to go to the hall when a lot of people was going their office.

Because of I planed to take more time than usual, I arrived to the hall very smooth and I could see the sky before go to inside the hall. ;)




It was concert with film musics.

I hope audience enjoyed it! :)




When I got home after concert, I was lucky enough to see this nice sky view. :D ;)



I feel Autumn many time a day.

It's very nice feeling for me!!! :D


I'll enjoy my good time today too! ;)


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