I'm getting better!

I had very enjoyable day yesterday! :D

I really enjoyed my practice with very good concentration. ;)



But I've been having pain in my lower back(only right side) since 2 days ago, so my life didn't go smooth as usual... :(

It's getting better little by little.

I need to be patient with that.



I'm lucky enough because I can sit down on chair and I can practice with no pain!! :D

Both Trombone and Euphonium practice went really well. :)



I'm working on some solo works which I didn't work well before.

It's very enjoyable!! ;)



On Euphonium as well.

It's nice to know new music everyday!! :D



I realized that many things got easy or easier than before now.

I think this is why, I've been working hard on basis and some etude books for years.


I certainly realized I'm getting better! :D

Continuation is very good.

Keep working~!! ;)



Sunset view from yesterday. :)



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Surprises from our farm

I visited our farm yesterday after no visit about a week. ;)

There are some good surprises! :D


Beans are arriving little by little!! ;)



Potatoes are growing well. ;)



Onions are getting bigger! :D



I found new asparaguses!! :D

We had no idea about asparaguses after we took them last year and we left them.

It's the biggest surprise!! :D ;)



Carrots are getting bigger, but it seems it grows only leaves??

We'll see them later. ;)




As always, my practice goes very well! :)

I had very good time both on Trombone and Euphonium.

I took time for basis more than other days and worked for them more careful. ;)




It was clouded day, but I could see blue sky little bit in late afternoon. :)



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It came later

I stayed at home with a lot of works such as watching videos(by YouTube) what I saved for watching it later for years.

There were more than 1,000 few days ago, but it's less than 300 now! ;)


It's very nice to listen nice performances by nice soloists of several different instruments and by great orchestras all over the world. :) ;)

I'm learning many things by them.



My practice went very well.

I'm so happy! ;)




I've been using this item for training myself since a year now.



It works very nice!

I'm doing this 3~4 times a week.


I did it little bit harder 2 days ago, and sore muscles came yesterday's noon!!! :D

That surprised me!

And it's continuing still today. :D


I enjoy staying with this sore muscles today. ;)


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Enjoyed family conversation

It was nice to see blue sky for beginning the day! :D




We are having hard time all over the world now.

I originally like to stay at home, so it's not so hard for me. But I also like to go walk, so I need to think how I can feel better everyday.


I had very happy and fun conversation time with my family who are living Tokyo and France. :)

It was very nice!!! :D

It seemed like this during our conversation. :D ;)





I'm enjoying my practice everyday! :)

I enjoyed Trombone, Euphonium and Violin practice!! :D


Trombone practice for basis and etude as always. :)



I tried to practice by using multirecording app. yesterday.

This idea is from Jim Markey(Bass Trombone of Boston Symphony).


This is very good way!! ;)

Watch my practice video and try it!


"Ride of the Valkyries" - Practice


Euphonium practice went very good as well. :)

I worked on basis and etude. ;)



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Enjoying my practice

It was rain day yesterday, but I spent good time with family at home. :)


I enjoyed watching movie at home with my wife Ai after lunch.

It was very relaxed and happy time!! :D ;)



I started my practice in late afternoon.


First, on Trombone. :)

I enjoyed working for basis and etude. ;)



Later, on Euphonium! :)

Same as Trombone, worked for basis and etude.


I really enjoyed working on these until my lips are exhausted! :D ;)

It was fun time!!



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I slept very well

I slept very much last night!!! :D

I'm so happy with that!


I'm usually not able to sleep long time at once(I woke up after 6 hours or so), but I slept more than 8 hours!! ;)

This is rare case and I feel very good today! :D



I really enjoyed my Trombone practice yesterday.

I worked on etude and ensemble piece what I perform on October. There are many hard points. ;)

I felt very good! :)




I'm watching many videos everyday that many musicians around the world made thier own video and uploaded on SNS or so.

I can't play wituout silencer(practice) mute at home, so I envy them playing at home without mute... :)


Keep practicing and motivating myself!! :D


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Euphonium turn

It was nice to start the day with this nice blue sky. :D




The day before yesterday was Trombone Day, so I made my Euphonium Day yesterday. :)

I worked on old pieces(I mean I didn't see for years) as 2 days ago on Trombone. ;)


The list of yesterday was like this.



It was very nice and happy that I found my progress on my performing through these pieces!

I felt easier than before on many points on each pieces. :)

That's very nice!!


There are more pieces what I want to work on again, so I'll enjoy my music life very much for sure!! :D ;)



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Work for pieces what I didn't see for years

It was very nice day yesterday too! :D

It would be rain tomorrow, so I want to enjoy this nice weather as much as possible! ;)




When I walked to the bank in the morning, I found very Spring feeling cherry blossoms on my way. :)

I felt Japanese Spring very much by this view. :) ;)





I really enjoyed my Trombone practice yesterday. :D



I picked them up what are I didn't see for years.

It's nice to enjoy them again after many years and many progress. ;)




It was nice sunset view. ;)



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Enjoying my music life

It was very nice day yesterday! :D

I felt very good with this sky view. ;)




My practice goes very well. :)

Trombone, Euphonium and Violin!! :D

I'm very happy with all of them. ;)


I think I found good setting on my Trombone. :)

I'm so happy with it. ;)



I also enjoyed Euphonium practice. ;)



There is no picture, but my Violin practice goes OK. :D

I'm enjoying my music life! ;)


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Enjoyable day

It was fantastic day yesterday! :D

I was feeling very good all the day! ;)




I did many things from the morning such as going to bank, went to car shop for changing tires etc.

Many missons were done by noon! :)



And I tried to clean my PC(not main machine) in the afternoon.

It was my first try, but it seems OK. ;)




I love blue sky, but also sky with nice clouds are nice too. ;)




I compared my YAMAHAs yesterday with changing some parts. :)

There are many settings and I feel I found my best one. ;)

It was fun time! :)



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