Feel happy!

I had relaxed morning yesterday. :)

It was nice to have good time in the fantastic Autumn air.




There was orchestra rehearsal in the evening.

It was enjoyable time! ;)




I keep feeling happy with nice nature! :) ;)



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Happy and enjoyable day

I had very good day yesterday.

My day started with walking to our farm under nice blue sky. :D




Onions seem fine! :)



Giant garlic. :D



Everything grow well. :D ;)




I enjoyed teaching at the ESA music academy in the afternoon. :)




After having dinner, I prepared for today's orchestra rehearsal in the evening.

I make music on Alto Trombone this weekend. :)



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Many happy things!

It was very happy and peaceful day yesterday. :)

It was fantastic day!! :D




I and my wife Ai found our favorite Chinese restaurant in Osaka area finally!! ;)

We enjoyed very nice and big lunch! :D




After having little break at home, I went to teach for Brass section of Hirakata Nagisa high school wind band. :)

There was very nice "Autumn" view at the school. ;)




We shared very good time! :)

They worked very well and they are very honest about making nice music. ;)




After having enjoyable time with them, I had my practice at home in the evening. :)

I had very good time! :D




One more happy thing!!

I went to spa with my son in the evening and enjoyed spa, sauna and cold water bath!! ;)



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Really enjoyed my day

It was very nice day and I enjoyed very relaxed and peaceful day yesterday. :D

Very nice blue sky in the morning!



I visited our farm in the morning.

It seems everything is fine!! :D




I had very relaxed and enjoyable practice on Trombone after finishing paper works. :)

It was very nice time for me. ;)




There was Euphonium lesson at the ESA music academy in the afternoon.

It was nice cloud view in the sky.




We worked very hard on one of my favorite Concerto.

She is challenging to very tough Concerto now! ;)



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Comfortable day

I had comfortable day yesterday. :)


There was orchestra concert for school students in the morning, so I needed to start the day earlier than usual.

I felt very good. :D




Concert went very well. :D




I had very happy nap after great lunch. :)

Nice sky view woke me up! ;)




I had very enjoyable Euphonium lesson in the evening. :)

She works very well. ;)



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Getting short

It was rehearsal day yesterday. :)

Rehearsal went very well and smooth.




The day is getting short day by day.

But I could see nice sunset view yesterday. :D





I had very happy and well-concentrated practice in the evening. :)

I was very happy!! :D



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Enjoying my happy life

There was concert for children in the morning on Saturday.

It's not very easy to give concert at 10:30 or so, but I enjoyed happy time with many audience. :D




I had kind of busy week but it was really fun and happy time!! ;)




I had very relaxed time in the morning yesterday. :)

It was very nice day!!




I visited our farm with my wife Ai.

It seems everything is fine! ;)






After giving trial lesson at the ESA music academy in the afternoon, I had good practice both on Trombone and Euphonium in the evening. :)

I felt very good! ;)




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School concert tour is well done

School concert tour in Kyushu is done yesterday.

All concert is well done! :)


Weather and people in every place were great!! ;)



I enjoyed every school and concert. :)

And also very nice nature views!! :D




I returned to Osaka just after concert.

It was kind of long day for me, but I felt happy. :)



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Concert, traveling and practicing

I'm enjoying very nice days in Kumamoto this week. :D

I feel really good on performing under such a nice blue sky. ;)



There is very big and well-shaped tree in the school.

I like it! :D



I'm very happy to perform everyday.

I think I'm in good sharp now. :)




I headed to Kita-Kyushu(Fukuoka) after concert in Kumamoto yesterday.

It takes about 3 hours by bus.

It was a kind of hard and long day... ;)


I enjoyed seeing sky from bus when we wear traveling.

It was very nice! :D



Little bit later. :)




I felt little bit tired when I arrived the hotel in Kita-Kyushu, but I had something what I wanted to work on before its rehearsal, so I had little practice time in the hotel room in Kita-Kyushu. ;)



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School Concert tour started

My orchestra's school concert tour started this week.

There are 3 concerts in Kumamoto and one in Kita Kyushu.


I enjoyed being in such a nice weather everyday!! :D






It's nice to share concert with many young generation. ;)






At 2nd concert, it went very well too! :D





During tour, I need to wash my clothes sometimes.

It works very well! ;)



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