Feeling good

It was very nice day yesterday.

My mind was relaxed by the nice sky views. :)


This is morning view. ;)



It was cold day, but my heart was warm. :)



Orchestra rehearsal went well. :)




It was kind of hard day(rehearsal in the morning after big Bruckner concert), but I had good time.

My body seems tired, so I take care of my body. ;)


Sunset view was also nice. ;)



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Concert day

It was concert day yesterday. :)


I had free time in the morning, so I practiced for myself in the morning. :D

First on Trombone, and later on Euphonuim! ;)

I felt very good!! :)




After general rehearsal, I went to my favorite restaurant.

This is my favorite one! ;)




I charged good energy for performing A.Bruckner's Symphony No.3! :D



It's a very nice(beautiful) music.

I was happy to perform this in nice concert hall. ;)


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Worked with good concentration

Orchestra rehearsal, Day 3 went very smooth yesterday. :)

I'm enjoying making music by A.Bruckner. ;)




When I backed home, I could see sunset view. :)

It was not really fine day(cloudy all the day), but it was good view. ;)




I went to make some video recordings in the evening after had little rest at home.

It was not easy as always, but I could do that with good concentration. :D



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Peaceful day!

It was very peaceful day for me yesterday. :)

Walked to the train station in the morning under this nice blue sky made my mind very happy and peaceful. :D ;)




Orchestra rehearsal, Day 2 went very smooth and it finished early. :)

It's very enjoyable the music of A.Bruckner. ;)




Back home early is good! :D




I had well-concentrated practice on Trombone in the evening. :)

I prepared for video recording. ;)



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I feel very good now!

I feel very good these days by seeing nice blue sky! :D

Yesterday was good too! ;)




Orchestra rehearsal went well with Symphony No.3 by A.Bruckner. :)




Rehearsal finished earlier than it was planned, so I had little time to practice on Euphonium in the evening. :)

I worked for the concert which is next week in Tokyo! ;)




After practice, I cleaned the inside of my Euphonium(I wanted to wash everything, but there was no time to do so).

I'd been thinking to do that since many weeks, but I couldn't make time to do that...

Finally I did it and I(my Euphonium) feel very very good now!! :D ;)



This is my lovely and trusted buddy!! ;)

Thank you ADAMS for making great instrument!! :D



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Enjoyed my teaching day

I had enjoyable teaching day in Kyoto yesterday. :)


It was nice day!!

I got up earlier than usual, but I felt good! ;)




I spent good time with Trombone member in the morning at Murasakino high school.



And I spent another good time with Euphonium member in the afternoon. :)



I worked on basis(mostly for tonguing) with them.

I hope they get something easier music life! ;)



It was nice view from the car which is stopped by trafic jam in Kyoto city. :D ;)



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Enjoyable day!!

It was very nice and lovely day yesterday! :D


There was orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon.

Blue sky gave me positive energy! ;)




Rehearsal went well. :) ;)




Yesterday's rehearsal was in the concert hall which is near my flat.

So I could go home earlier than usual, why not to go walk to my favorite park with my wife Ai! :D ;)

It was very nice time to walk and see the sky! :D






It was very happy time!! ;)



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Good relaxed day!

It was very nice day yesterday. :)



It was planned for the orchestra rehearsal yesterday, but the orchestra's rehearsal order didn't include Trombone piece(Piano Concerto by F.Liszt), so it was my free day!! :D


I felt little bit tired, so it was very nice to have relaxed day! ;)



I practiced on Trombone after lunch with good concentration, and then, nap time! :) ;)




I made some new video recordings in the evening after nap. :D

I felt very good!! :)



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Completed my yesterday's works

It was planned as "Relaxed day" yesterday, but one news changed my plan 2 days ago.


I needed to make some recordings, so I spent time to make recordings yesterday afternoon.



It was not long time that I booked room for recording, but I could make all recordings. ;)

It was kind of busy day, but I did my all works!! :D ;)



Sunset view from yesterday was very nice. ;)



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Enjoyed happy ensemble time!

It was raining very hard in the early morning, but it got better like this around 9:00 am yesterday.



But it was very windy like typhoon... :(

It was very danger to walk outside at daytime.



We had very happy and fun ensemble playing time with good friends in the afternoon. :)

We enjoyed Euphonium Tuba ensemble yesterday.


One friend brought many musics for that(from quartet to sextet), so it was very nice to enjoy, to know and to try new things together! :D



Happy time flies very fast as usual.

We enjoyed ensemble playing from 15:30 to 21:00!!! :D ;)


I love to do this kind of things, so I hope we can make another one in few months!! ;)


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