Peaceful day

It was very fine day yesterday.

It's still enough hot as Summer at noon(more than 30 degrees), but I enjoyed nice Autumn air in the morning and the evening. :D




I bought 2 cases of Kiwi fruits yesterday.

This was for getting its cute characters. :)



They are called "Kiwi Brothers". ;)

My wife Ai loves them!! :D

(and I love them too and Kiwi fruits!!)




There was Euphonium lesson at the ESA music academy in the afternoon.

It was like a private lesson, so we worked for her weak point. And then, we enjoyed playing some duo pieces as a sight reading training! :D

It was fun!! :) ;)




I enjoyed my Trombone practice with good concentration after little break in the evening. :)

I worked for etudes for my next video recording. ;)




It was peaceful day. :)



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Concert day

There was concert in the afternoon yesterday, so I needed to go to the hall when a lot of people was going their office.

Because of I planed to take more time than usual, I arrived to the hall very smooth and I could see the sky before go to inside the hall. ;)




It was concert with film musics.

I hope audience enjoyed it! :)




When I got home after concert, I was lucky enough to see this nice sky view. :D ;)



I feel Autumn many time a day.

It's very nice feeling for me!!! :D


I'll enjoy my good time today too! ;)


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Backed to orchestra works

I was off from Orchestra works for almost 2 weeks, and there was orchestra rehearsal yesrterday after nice holidays. :)

I enjoyed performing in the orchestra.

I love it! ;)




Rehearsal went well and I got home earlier than I expected.

It's also good thing! ;)


It was nice blue sky when I got home. :) ;)



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Had happy day

It was fine day yesterday! :D




After having big chinese lunch with my family, I enjoyed my Trombone practice. :) ;)



It was very happy Saturday! ;)


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Practice for others

I woke up very early and visited our farm with my wife Ai yesterday. :)

It was before sunrise, so morning view was like this. ;)



We worked there about an hour.

It was very nice to work in the farm in the early morning(because it's calmm and not hot yet!). :)


We could see this nice blue sky when we finished working in the farm around 6:30. ;)



This is very nice Japanese typical view. :)

I love it! ;)




I started my practice on Euphonium yesterday.

This is for avoiding losing time for Euphonium practice when I started my practice on Trombone first. :)


I'm used to practice on Trombone first, so it was something new feeling starting my practice on Euphonium first.

I felt very good on Euphonium!! :) ;)



I also practiced on Bass Trumpet little bit. ;)

I didn't work for it for a while, but it's nice to change my mind. :)



I tried to make some notes on Trumpet later. :D

It's not easy at all! ;)




It was nice sky view after huge raining. :)



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Happy day!

I felt tired 2 days ago especially when I was recording etude video in the morning, so I decided to spend relaxed time and just try to feel happy all the day yesterday. :)


My love Ai was also holiday yesterday, so we had very happy time together. ;)


We enjoyed steak for lunch! :D ;)

It was delicious and it made us big smile!!




We enjoyed ice cream and coffee after lunch.

It was very nice and relaxed holiday!! :D



I was thinking to make yesterday as no-practice day, but I really wanted to do, so I took my Trombone in the evening. ;)



I felt very happy with my practice. :)

I really enjoyed it! ;)



It rained in the late afternoon, but after raining, I could see nice sky view. :D ;)



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That's life(Que sera, sera)

I made new etude videos in the morning yesterday. :)

I was not very well prepared for that, but I wanted to do that even only one video because it's hard to make time for that sometimes.



Unfortunately it was not my day yesterday... :(

Many things were harder than usual(I don't know why, but I know there are days like this sometimes), but I believe that I learned something new by that. :) ;)


There are days that something doesn't go well, but that's life!

Que sera, sera. :)


Anyway, practicing/playing without silencer mute is nice and MUCH better than with it. :D ;)



I feel the Autumn arrived us finally!! :D

What a lovely feeling!


It was raining little bit yesterday, but I love this time even it's raining! :D

I found blue sky over there. ;)




I walked little bit in the evening with my love Ai.

We found wind, smell and sound of Autumn. :) ;)


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Autumn is coming

It's getting cooler and Autumn is coming surely. :)

Temperature at noon is still like a Summer, but wind has Autumn feeling. ;)

It was nice day yesterday!




I enjoyed my practice after good nap. :D

I mostly worked for etudes. ;)



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Drinking water

I've been drinking water more than 2.5 liters(mminimum 2 liters) everyday since few months.



This is because I wanted to increase my usual temperature.

I realized my usual temperature was low one day, so I began to drink water very often a day.


As people says, my usual temperature increased little bit after a week or so, and I'm satisfied with my usual temperature now. :)

I realized my body has changed little bit and I feel quite good with my body now.


If you feel something wrong on your body or feeling, it's not bad idea to try to drink water about 2 liters a day for few weeks.

It doesn't take time and money much and easy to try to feel better in your life. ;)



I enjoyed my Trombone teacing in the afternoon yesterday at the ESA music academy. :)

We worked for basis as always and then, worked for sight reading with fun! :D ;)




I think Autumn is coming little by little these days.

It's still very hot like Summer around noon, but I feel little Autumn mood in the morning and after late afternoon. :)


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Very enjoyable day!

It was very nice free day for mmy wife Ai and me! :D

It was fine day from the morning and we went to enjoy happy and big meal for lunch!! ;)




We enjoyed sandwiches and hamburger for lunch.

They are very delicious!! :D



I enjoyed them with big cup of coffee. ;)



Hamburger is quite big and it has very nice combination buns(bread), meats and vegetables! :D




Weather forecast said it would rain yesterday, but it rained in the late afternoon.

So we enjoyed happy meal under nice blue sky!! :)




I worked hard in the evening on both Trombone and Euphonium! :D

It was still very hot in my room(29 to 30 degrees all the day...), but I could work well with good concentration. ;)





It was very enjoyable day!! :) ;)


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