Enjoyed happy ensemble time!

It was raining very hard in the early morning, but it got better like this around 9:00 am yesterday.



But it was very windy like typhoon... :(

It was very danger to walk outside at daytime.



We had very happy and fun ensemble playing time with good friends in the afternoon. :)

We enjoyed Euphonium Tuba ensemble yesterday.


One friend brought many musics for that(from quartet to sextet), so it was very nice to enjoy, to know and to try new things together! :D



Happy time flies very fast as usual.

We enjoyed ensemble playing from 15:30 to 21:00!!! :D ;)


I love to do this kind of things, so I hope we can make another one in few months!! ;)


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Hard working day

It was hard work day. :)

But I really enjoyed my music life! ;)



I had good practice on Trombone in the morning. :)




I enjoyed lunch and relaxed time with my family in the afternoon, and went to practice in the evening with my wife Ai. :D

It was nice to share the room with her and practiced for each. ;)




After practicing, I made some video recordings for YouTube. :)

It was hard day! :D



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Enjoyed my music day

It was very nice day!

I started my day with very happy feeling with this nice blue sky! :D ;)




My Trombone practice in the morning went very well with good concentration. :)




Euphonium lesson at the ESA music academy in the afternoon. :)

We enjoyed working hard! ;)




I made new video recordings for YouTube in the evening. :)

I received new etude book what I ordered several weeks ago, so it was time to start my new video recordning project! :D ;)




Here, you find my new videos.

This is from the book "Selected Studies for Trombone by H.Voxman".

I think it's very good etude book. :)


H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Trombone “Con moto by Blazhevich”(Page-22)


H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Trombone “Allegro moderato by Blazhevich”(Page-23)


I hope you enjoy them! ;)


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Enjoyable day

There was orchestra concert in Iga(Mie) yesterday. :)

There were many bus transportation last 2 days, but I spent not bad time.


Concert went well. :) ;)



I walked around the hall a little after general rehearsal.

It was very cold, but I felt very good! :)




It was nice to see sunset view on my way to the train station. :)




I had good practice on Trombone in the evening.

The etude what I ordered few weeks ago finally arrived, so I will make its videos littel by little this year. ;)



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Happy time in Nagoya

There was concert in Hekinan city in Aichi yesterday. :)

It's alwasy very nice to see nice blue sky. :D




It's new and nice hall. :)

I found saxophone player there. ;)



It's a nice acoustic hall. :)




I backed to Nagoya after concert, and I enjoyed Yakiniku dinner very much with my violinist friend. :)

It was really nice one!! :D ;)





It was really happy time!!



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Had relaxed day

New music what I ordered few weeks ago arrived in the morning yesterday. :)

It's always very exciting to get something new!! :D ;)




After having big lunch with my family, I headed to Nagoya for weekend concerts.

It looks nice in Nagoya city. :)





I bought portable music stand few weeks ago and I finally used it yesterday when I practiced in the hotel room. :)

It works very well! :D ;)



It works for big book too. ;)



I felt very good! :D



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Peaceful day

I spent very peaceful day with my lovely family yesterday. :)

It was fantastic day!! :D




I tasted souvenirs from my brother from Tokyo.

Both are very good!! :D ;)





After going to family shopping, boys got their haircut by me. :)

I have no idea until when I make their haircut, but it's a kind of happy time. ;)

They feel much better now!! :D




I enjoyed my practice in the evening on both! :)

I feel very good!! ;)





It's always nice to see beautiful nature views. :)



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Enjoyed happy day!

It was very nice start of the new year yesterday. :D

Enjoying seeing blue sky is my life point. ;)



We make the year 2020 fantastic!! :D ;)




My sons love my brother Yujiro very much. :)

They wait for his awake and they visited him just after his awake. :D ;)




We visited our favorite park togetehr and had fun time playing some sports. :)



We had really fun time together!! :D




After enjoyed fun time at the park, we made a lot of gyoza and had very nice meals at home. :) ;)




I hope there are many nice opportunities, meetings and fun time sharings the year 2020!! :D ;)



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Welcome the year 2020!

Happy New Year!! :D

I wish you all a great year! ;)

I'll make my year 2020 great. :)



There was Silvester concert yesterday. :)


I had good time at home in the morning.

I cleaned my house and did some paper works. :)


It was not quite fine in the morming...



But it got better later. :D



View of Lake Biwako. :) ;)




It rained later, but it was not bad in the case of we could see rainbow. :D



Rainbow and the Biwako hall(where we performed).




After general rehearsal, I had big and happy miel with my wife Ai, my brother Yujiro(he came from Tokyo!) and my student Tomoka. :)

It's always great to share good time with nice people. ;)




Concert went very well with many audience and happy atmosphere. :D



I had some no-playing pieces in the program. :)

It was just before New Year's coming(during the concert)! :D ;)




After concert.

This is the first picture of the year 2020! :D



We had little New Year Party at home at 3:00! :)




I'll make my life nicer this year too! ;)

I'll do my best every moment and make my life better!! :D




I'll perform 3 concerts in Japan Philharmonic Orchestra this month!!

One concert is for "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky and I'll perform that on Trombone(1st) and Euphonium(for Bydlo)!!! :D

This is the one of my dream.

I'm very happy for that and I appreciate my Trombone friends in Japan Philharmonic Orchestra for letting me to do that.

I'm very exciting!! :D ;)

More information is here.


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Enjoying making music

There was orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon at the Biwako Hall(Shiga) yesterday.

It was for today's concert.

Yes, it's a silvester concert which starts at 22:00 December 31st and it would be finished at 0:20 January 1st 2020. :) ;)



Program is not very interesting for Trombone, but I'm enjoying making music with good chef. ;)


Happy holidays everyone!! :D


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