Arriving Kumamoto

It was very nice day yesterday. :)




It was trip day to Kumamoto for school concert tour of my orchestra.

I arrived Kumamoto very smooth and enjoyed my time. :)


Trombone practice in the hotel room went well. :)




I enjoyed seeing nice sky color in Kumamoto. :)



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Very nice holiday in Autumn

It was free day for my wife Ai and me, so we enjoyed our very relaxed Autumn time. :)

We walked to our favorite park in the morning.

It was really nice!! :D










We had easy breakfast near pond.

It was very nice time!! :D ;)



It was a kind of perfect holiday.

I was really happy all the day. :)



I enjoyed my Euphonium practice in the evening. :)

I worked really well with good concentration. ;)



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Enjoyed music performance and others

It was very nice all the day yesterday. :D

I headed to the concert hall under nice blue sky. ;)




There was concert twice yesterday afternoon.

After rehearsal, I also found nice blue sky in the center of Osaka city. :)




Concert with the program of "Music from the North" went well.



I performed Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.4 yesterday.

It was nice to enjoy his music yesterday and last weekend with Symphony No.5! :D



I had nice dinner with my wife Ai after concerts.

It was very nice for closing the day with favorite food. ;)




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Enjoying performing nice music

There was orchestra rehearsal as usual yesterday. :)

I enjoyed performing Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.4. :D



I performed Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.5 last week with NSO and I perform Symphony No.4 this week with my orchestra. :)

Fun weeks!! :D


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Enjoyed playing music

There was orchestra rehearsal yesterday.

I enjoyed performing the music from the North. :)




I had really good and hard practice on Euphonium in the evening. :) ;)

It was very good music day!!



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Very good day

I had good day yesterday. :)

My rehearsal was in the middle of afternoon, so I had enjoyable time in the morning. :)




I enjoyed my practice on Trombone before go to the orchestra rehearsal. :)

I felt really nice to work for myself for basis and some solo works. ;)



I worked on etude as well. :)




Orchestra rehearsal went OK(as usual).

It was for the concert which is next week. ;)



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Worked on many things

I worked a lot at home in my office. :)

There were a lot of things what I needed to do at home, but I finished most of them yesterday. :)



I couldn't practice well(because of no time), but I made some notes in the evening for feeling better. ;)




I helped my younger son's study.

I hope it helps him somehow. ;)




I would be in busy period with my orchestra now.

I take care myself and survive hard period in good shape! :)


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Concert with singers

It was good start of the day with this nice blue sky. :D




There was concert with some opera singers in the evening.



I was occupied with performing myself, so I couldn't enjoy listening their singing...

It's pity, but I think all audience enjoyed them a lot! :)


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Enjoyed Kobe and our farm

I had very happy and relaxed day yesterday. :)


I enjoyed very peaceful time in Kobe city in the morning.

It was fantastic day!! :D




I enjoyed my first experience with Kobe beef for lunch!






I was very exciting!! :D



It was delicious. :)

It's nice to have good experience sometimes. ;)



After backed home from Kobe, my wife Ai and I worked in our farm for next vegetables.

It seems everything grows very fine!! :D




We mainly worked for preparation for next vegetables "Onions". ;)

We plant them maybe next week??



It was very happy and nice holiday!! :)


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NSO concert was well done

I celebrated my love Ai's birthday on 24th.

I had rehearsal in the afternoon, so we had relaxed coffee time in the morning together. :)

It was really nice time! :D



Happy birthday Ai!!! :D ;)




My rehearsal went very well. :)

It was for NSO(Non Strings Orchestra). ;)



Low Brass section of NSO 2019. :D

I was very happy with them!! ;)




There was party with all member one day before the concert.

It was of course very enjoyable time!!! :D




NSO concert was yesterday.

It was very hard(busy) day.


We had general rehearsal, but we made recording then(because we make live recording CD) for editing just in case, so we need to perform everything with top of concentration.

It was very hard. ;)




I was rehearsing "Concertino by F.David". :)



NSO is fantastic team!! :D

I love it! ;)




With Low Brass member just after performance! :D

Thank you for performing together.

I enjoyed performing with you a lot!! :)



With fantastic Clarinet player Taras. :)



Taras and Kazuhiro(Miyamura) who is great Oboe player of Tokyo Kosei WInd Orchestra. :)

I really enjoyed performing with them! ;)



With Kouta, my former Trumpet student. :)

It was very nice to perform with him in the concert!



With Saya who coordinated all NSO works.

She works fantastic!!

Thank you very much! :)



My friends came to listen that concert!!

Thank you!! ;)




I had very happy dinner with Ai after concert. :)

We found very nice restaurant!! :D







And dessert. ;)



Thank you for many audience for the concert and to all member of NSO especially to Kazuo(Fujii) who is our boss.

We all had fantastic days with NSO!!! :)

I hope to see them next year too! ;)


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