Enjoying my music life

It was very nice day yesterday! :D

I felt very good with this sky view. ;)




My practice goes very well. :)

Trombone, Euphonium and Violin!! :D

I'm very happy with all of them. ;)


I think I found good setting on my Trombone. :)

I'm so happy with it. ;)



I also enjoyed Euphonium practice. ;)



There is no picture, but my Violin practice goes OK. :D

I'm enjoying my music life! ;)


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Enjoyable day

It was fantastic day yesterday! :D

I was feeling very good all the day! ;)




I did many things from the morning such as going to bank, went to car shop for changing tires etc.

Many missons were done by noon! :)



And I tried to clean my PC(not main machine) in the afternoon.

It was my first try, but it seems OK. ;)




I love blue sky, but also sky with nice clouds are nice too. ;)




I compared my YAMAHAs yesterday with changing some parts. :)

There are many settings and I feel I found my best one. ;)

It was fun time! :)



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Peaceful day

It was peaceful day with my family yesterday. :)

I feel OK, but it's big pity that there is no concerts in the world these days... :(


Having happy and fun time with family is helsful for feel better and being positive. :)



I'm enjoying my practice everyday. :)



I really wish the world will be with music as soon as possible!! :) ;)


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Peaceful and happy day

It was very peaceful and happy day yesterday. :)


I went to our farm in the morning and worked there under very comfortable weather. :D

Our onions!



Beans. :)



And big carrot!(only one is big, others are very small...)

This carrot made our dinner nicer. ;)




I enjoyed my practice very much!! :D


I started my practice with Trombone.

I worked on basis and etude as always. ;)



Euphonium practice after Trombone.



I'm used to work on basis and etude on Euphonium lately, but I worked on solo yesterday after no solo works for few weeks.

I found many points what I feel easier and more comfortable!!

Is this progress?  YES, I believe that!! :D ;)



In the end of practice, I worked on Violin. :D

This is very enjoyable!!

I'm sure, I'm getting better! ;)




It's always very nice to see nice sky view. :)



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Full day for doing many things

It was very fine day yesterday! :D

It was not too hot, and not cold, just FINE! ;)




After doing some desk works, I enjoyed my Trombone practice on ADAMS Trombone. :)




Dinner was Gyoza!! :D

During preparation for Gyoza, I made back-up for my computer. ;)

It was enough time for that. :)


As always, it was delicious! :D




After making back-up, I finally installed new OS to my computer. :)

I was waiting for Finale app. for its adjustment to new OS. ;)



It seems fine with new OS now! :D ;)



I finally put new D string to my Violin. :)

I'm ready to practice Violin now! :D




It was beautiful sunset view. ;)



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Very fine day

It was very fine day like the beginning of Summer yesterday. :)



This is the best condition in August for me(I don't like too hot and humidity). ;)




Trombone practice went well with good concentration. :) ;)




I enjoyed seeing sky views. :) ;)




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Happy music day!

I had happy music day yesterday. :)



I enjoyed my Trombone practice in the morning. :)

I felt very good! :D




It was great to share fun and interesting Euphonium time with my Euphonium friend Kyohei(Ando) in the late afternoon. :) ;)

We worked together more than 2 hours, but I felt it was like 40 mins or so.



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Pepe Brass started!

It was our first rehearsal as "Pepe Brass" yesterday. :D

We perform as Brass(Trombone & Tuba) Quartet "Pepe Brass" on October 16th, 2020 in Ehime. :)


I'm very happy to be with these nice musicians! ;)




Rehearsal went very well. :)

We played many pieces and made 90 % of program. ;)

What an exciting and happy time!! :D



We keep working hard! :)



I enjoyed beer from New Zealand(souvenir) with my wife Ai last night. :)

We love it!! ;)



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Enjoyed my excerpts practice

It was not fine day yesterday, but I had enjoyable day. :)




I enjoyed practicing on these books. :D

It's nice to work on it again with my recent experience. ;)




In the evening, I went to the airport to welcome my mother from New Zealand. :D

It's nice to meet the family. ;)

I hope she enjoys her stay! :)



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Enjoying my happy time

There is no concert by my orchestra this month, so I can work on things what I wanted to do these few months.

There is huge amount of things what I want to do, so I'm enjoying everyday very much!

24 hours is not enough for a day. :D

I feel very good and happy spending peaceful time.



My practice on Trombone went well as always! ;)

I worked on many points on my playing very carefully yesterday.



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