Awesome Corns!

It was very nice to start the day with this wonderful view in the morning(at 5:00!!). :D ;)



We took our corns finally!! :D

We were very exciting!!



They were very nice!!! :D



It was delicious, sweet and happy!! :D ;)




I supported my Trombone student for selecting her new Trombone in the afternoon. :)

We found very nice one from many different Trombones and mouthpieces!!

I'm happy because she is so happy!! ;)



I really wish her very happy music life with new buddy. ;)



I practiced little bit after that in the music shop.

I worked well for points which I can't work with mute. :)




It was nice to close the day with this view. ;)



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Enjoying teaching too

It was raining in the morning, but it became better later yesterday! :D



I enjoyed my practice with good concentration in the morning, and had good teaching time at the ESA music academy in the afternoon. :D

Lesson class for an hour per person is not enough for me.

How I can make it with a lot of things to give...




Weather forecase said there is good(no rain) weekend! :)

It's nice to know!! :D

It was clouded in the beginning of evening, but it's fine today!



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Enjoyed rain day and practice

It was rain day yesterday. :)


I enjoyed date with my wife Ai in the morning.

We visited shopping mall and spent happy time together. :)

Big UDON lunch was great! ;)



After nap at home, I enjoyed my practice with these pieces.

H.Tomasi's Trombone Concerto is one of my favorite Trombone piece! :D

It's always very exciting to work for it! ;)



On Euphonium, I worked for this after more than 20 years no see. :)

It's nice to meet old memories and find something new! ;)



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Backed to practice!

I woke up early yesterday morning, and enjoyed working at our farm. :)


It was very nice sunrise view! :D



It was cool(not hot and humid!) morning. ;)



It's like sunset, but it was sunrise!! :)

I love this kind of nice nature view. ;)




I worked for an hour at our farm.

I felt very good!! :D



I took them. :)



Corns would be ready soon! ;)




It was nice day at daytime too. ;)




I backed to practice after making some video recordings. :)

I worked for preparing etude performing.

It's fun! :D ;)



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I'm feeling good

I made some video recordings of Trombone etude for YouTube yesterday morning too. :)

It's always tough and challenging works, but I'm enjoying it! :D ;)



I'll upload them little by little. :)



I feel fine and comfortable with my new slippers. :)

It makes my day nicer everyday. ;)





I'm enjoying my day everyday very much!!

I want more hours a day, but I know(guess) 24 hours is the best for a human being. ;)

Don't work too much! :D



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Backed to usual little by little

I worked hard from the morning yesterday! :D


More than 3 months of no activities in out of home, I finally use community center for making my video recordnings yesterday. :D

It's tough works as always, but I felt very nice and happy because I could perform without mute!!! :D ;)



I needed to open windows and doors for 5 to 10 minutes each 30 to 40 minutes for changing the air of the room for avoiding COVID-19.

It was nice to have rest in my working period for my body and lips. :)



You can watch my videos here. ;)



I visited our farm in the late afternoon with my wife.

New corns seem fine! But some of our summer vegetables flet down by strong wind... :(


Everything is not easy at all, but I'll go ahead!! :)




It was nice sunset view from our farm area. :) ;)



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In rainy period

It was clouded yesterday, but there was little moment that I could see blue sky! ;)




I enjoyed my practice as always! :D

This is one of my favorite piece! :) ;)



I worked for this about 23 years ago... :D

One of my old memories. :)



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Enjoyed my day!

I spent very happy and relaxed time with my family yesterday. :D


We had nice lunch in our favorite Italian restaurant and enjoyed shopping in the afternoon. ;)

It was raining all the day, but we enjoyed happy time! :D



I had good practice in the evening. :)

I worked for this on Trombone.



I don't remember exactly, but I think my tempo settings on this piece are not same as before(when I worked for it last time).

I think we can say tempo differences in same piece are kind of progress. :) ;)


I worked for this on Euphonium. :)

Famous Japanese composer(especially for wind band music) Toshio Mashima wrote a piece for Euphonium and Piano.

I love this piece and I arrpeciate him to compose nice piece for Euphonium!! ;)



If you want to know about this piece, you can watch my performance which I performed it in the Spanish Euphonium and Tuba Festival several years ago. :)

Here, you can watch it! :D


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Enjoying good practice

It was practicing day yesterday! :D


Practicing in the hot and humid room is not easy, but I really enjoyed my practice!! ;)

This is "Three Miniatures" for Trombone and Piano by A.Plog.

There is very famous same titled piece for Tuba and Piano. :)

I have no idea if many Trombone players know this piece like Tuba players know Tuba's piece.



On Euphonium, I worked for this. :)



I'm happy that I had good practice time all the day!! :D ;)


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After 3 months no see

There was meeting of the orchestra yesterday afternoon.

It was not for all musician, but it was very nice to meet some orchestra members then after no see for more than 3 months. :D


We talked about our future such as how we re-start our activities.

No one know how the world goes, but we should be positive and active for the future!! :)

I believe it'll be OK and everybody will be happy soon(no idea it would be in few months or few years, but...).



After having happy dinner with family, I really enjoyed my well-concentrated practice. :)

I worked for this on Trombone.

This is written by American Trumpet player A.Plog and thisis about 4 paints by Goya.

These are interesting! :D ;)



I worked for this on Euphonium.



This is fun to perform and to listen both!! :D



Most of cities are in rainy period in Japan(Osaka as well).

This is the worst time of the year for me...

I'm very bad with humidity(with high temperature).


I keep working hard with some ideas for avoiding crazy and uncomfortable humidity!! ;)


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